Today is the day I left Buffalo to start my penultimate adventure.

Moving got pretty hectic, more so than planned. One would think that someone as peripatetic as me would have this moving bit down pat.

My penultimate adventure? I bought a trailer and a minivan and hit the road, not quite Kerouac (a little old for that). Right now, I’ll be working for Amazon in Kentucky. They hire RVers for 2-3 months to help out with the holiday rush. The plan is to head to Florida after that (around Christmas), where I will spend one month. Then spend a month going west: New Orleans, Cajun country, San Antonio, Austin, Tuscon, Phoenix, to San Diego. One more month of travel will take me up the California coast all the way to Portland. I hope to spend the summer in the high desert of Washington.

I got a late star  and didn’t even get out of NY State by dark, so I stayed at a State Park for the night. Lesson #1: it is hard to set up a pop-up trailer in the dark. Result? Slept in the van. But I was so tired, it didn’t matter.


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