The rain woke Nick. He realized the cooler wet weather would mean staying close to camp today. As he lay in bed, he reflected on his options. There were few. Having forgotten to roast coffee the previous day, he knew he was in for a bad day. So, the choice was easy. Nick made some bean soup, then spent the day sipping Blanton’s Single Barrel bourbon, smoking a La Gloria Wavel, and binge watching West Wing. Turns out, the day was pretty fine.

Rainy Day Bean Soup

beans, 1# something like Great Northern
bacon, 4-8 slices, chopped
cajun mirepoix
chicken stock, 4c
water, 1c
can diced tomatoes
greens (chard, kale, anything like that or, even better, a mix)

Soak the beans overnight. Or don’t.

Cook the bacon until very crisp. Set aside. Drain all but 1T of bacon fat.

Cook the mirepoix. Add garlic until fragrant. Add beans, stock and water. Bring to simmer. Cook around 45 minutes.

Add tomatoes, greens and some more water. Cook until beans are done (total 1-1.5 hours probably). Season.

Note: Seaon at end because evaporation will intensify the salt if you add it too early.

Cost: about $10 for six very large servings.


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