I got a late start yesterday. I hate having to set up the trailer after dark, so, when it was obvious I wouldn’t make my next stop before nightfall, I stopped where I was: Mobile, Alabama.

This morning I extended my stay one day because I wanted to see the USS Alabama Museum. I’m glad I did.


Parking and admission is $17. The tour is self-guided, which is great. I had been on some naval vessels but never a battleship. Many of the rooms are set up as they would have been during the war. I drooled over some of the paper items that would sell well on eBay!

There’s also an aeronautical building, housing around a dozen planes (inc. an SR-71), and quite a few displays outside (tanks, aircraft including a B-52, some boats, inc a model of the HL Hunley).

The best part, though, was the USS Drum tour. The Drum is a submarine that served in the Pacific during WW2. The tour takes you from the bow to the aft torpedo bay. I always found subs more fascinating than battleships. Maybe that’s why I live in an RV?



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