Yes, I’m still alive! After undergoing a series of computer and Internet problems, I
am now able to post something.

So, let’s see- where was I? Oh, yeah, New Orleans. After that stop, I wanted to stay
a little while in Cajun country, so I went to Lafayette LA for four days. I didn’t
really do anything there and spent considerable time raging at my machine.

From there, I headed to San Antonio TX to visit Rick and Jan, with whom I have been
friends since the 1980s. They have retired there and I haven’t been to their new
place yet. I haven’t seem them in 3-4 years and the last time I was in San Antonio
was around 1996, when Jan was stationed there with the USAF

SA is not really my kind of town- too much suburban sprawl. But the food is
excellent. In addition to the usual suspects (chains and franchises) there are many
stand-alone restaurants covering many cuisines and probably the best supermarket
I’ve ever seen (Super HEB).

The weather was cold and wet, so no golf but we did eat, drink and smoke cigars. I
arrived Wednesday afternoon and left early Sunday morning. It was a little odd not
sleeping in the trailer. I’m sorry there’s no pictures. I left the camera in the
trailer and didn’t feel like opening it up to get it.

One day, Rick and I went to an underground cavern (http://www.cascadecaverns.com/)
near his home. We were the only two in the tour and it was better than I thought it
would be. It was my first time doing something like that. I understand there are
even more extensive caverns nearby.

Another day, Rick and I did the whole Alamo tour / Riverwalk boat ride bit. He
wanted to hold my hand during the boat tour, but I told him we were apart for only
three years, not three decades.

All in all, it was an enjoyable stop. I would go back to SA to visit Rick & Jan, but
otherwise would probably give it a pass. But they love the area and their beautiful
home, so I’m sure I’ll be back.


One thought on “Texas

  1. It’s not true, he wanted to hold my hand on the boat. No way to prove it though, one of those he said, she said moments. He really wanted to hold my hand in the caverns, the salamander and the bat were frightening him, I should have done it, we go back a ways. Is this as gay as it sounds? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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