Well, I have been offered two jobs for the fall. Amazon has offered me the gig near Ft. Worth TX for about the middle of Sept. to Christmas. And the park I’m at has offered a full winter cookin gig (Oct-March). I haven’t made up my mind yet.

With Amazon, I make enough in three months to spend January through April out in the desert around Yuma (yeah, I reallyu like this weather). But the work is boring.

The cooking gig is much more satisfying and I could spend each winter in Yuma.

There are other, smaller benefits to both jobs but each has that one major advantage. Of course, it depends on what the cooking gig pays. We haven’t reached an agreement yet. One problem is that I found out what the cook at one of their other parks nearby is getting. I don’t think they’ll give me that, which would be fine, but I may feel dissed- why shouldn’t I get the same pay?


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