No, not the great Pacino/DeNiro movie. The temps in March have been above average, with many days in the 90s. This weekend, it’s been around 100. Right now, I don’t have air conditioning, so it’s been interesting. But with humidity around 12%, it’s actually tolerable. I remember being in Atlanta when it was in the 90s and just being drenched from the humidity.

I haven’t put up the curtain on the east side of the trailer, so I get up shortly after dawn. It’s cool enough until around noon. From noon until about an hour after sundown, the trailer is an oven. So the cat and I spend the afternoons out on the patio, sitting in the shade. Actually, he spends most of the time under the minivan:


(Shithead in the shade)

I put him in the harness and attach the leash, but let him walk around. When it’s hot, he stays very close to home. At night, it’s a different matter. We’ll spend an hour or so walking around, exploring the grounds and chasing grasshoppers.

We’re both pretty comfortable, even with the high temps. There’s plenty of cold water. I read, take a nap, plan upcoming menus. Any work I need to do gets done before 11 AM.

Money has been tight, but a/c should be installed by May.

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One thought on “HEAT

  1. Hi, John! So glad to see you are doing well and enjoying the cooking gig! We leave MO in two weeks to start the job in CO. We are looking for something to do for next winter, but we have not applied at Amazon yet. We haven’t decided what we would like to do next winter yet. I think Tiffany is still in Italy, but I would assume she will be back in the country in May for her brother’s wedding. Before she left to visit her parents she drove back to get her RV and it started like a champ then drove for about 30 minutes before it stopped working again. Poor girl! Enjoy the heat! But if you are dying to make a turducken, we would be happy to be your taste testers! Bye for now! Joe & Amanda Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2015 01:55:25 +0000 To: amandalk@live.com


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