Today marks six months that I have been full-timing with the trailer. It’s been quite the learning experience. I left behind a few things that I should have along with me. But overall, I brought more than I should have. Lesson learned: you can do with a lot less than you think.

I had a meeting with the park manager regarding a salary for next winter. She doesn’t make the decision but brings it to the owners. Her response was not very good. So I will probably be returning to Amazon, albeit the Texas location, rather than Kentucky. I have no problem with that. I was having trouble deciding between the two jobs. This way, the decision is out of my hands. Of course, they could come back with a decent offer, but I don’t anticipate it.

It has finally reverted to average temps here- 80s during the day (with blue skies and light breezes) and low 60s at night. Perfect!

I whisked up some scrambled eggs with sautéed ham, pepper and onions. Loaded it into a muffin tin and baked them. What a great breakfast. They reheat nicely, so can be made in advance.

There is a Marine air base nearby and helicopters and VTOL aircraft fly overhead a few times a day. Nice and low, too. Here’s one fly-over from yesterday:


And here’s a shot of my view near sunset:


And a gratuitous photo of my cat Shithead:


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