Heat 2

I’ve been doing some research on living in an RV during a Yuma summer.

First, some temp stats from the National Weather Service. For June – August, the daily high is above 100 basically every day. The daily low for that period is over 70.

I know you’re not supposed to put a cat in a closed car in the heat, but I didn’t realize that cats get heat stroke faster than humans because of their lower body mass. So I went online and posted on some RV forums. I explained my plan of getting a 10k BTU a/c unit. I heard from a number of people, but the ones that were important to me were four guys who had Apache trailers and have done some camping in the SW during the summer. All four said I was nuts and that it can’t be done. The Apache is just not made for weather extremes- there’s not enough insulation and there are gaps at the bed ends. The consensus was that, with the a/c running 24/7, the best I could hope for in an unshaded location would be a 30 degree drop in temp. Considering that the interior temp is already ten degrees higher than the outside temps in the summer sun, that means that it would be rare that the interior would drop to a comfortable level, at least outside of the midnight to 8 AM time frame. Since I need to work on the computer in the afternoons, that could be a problem.

So I’ve decided, for the health of the cat and my sanity, to book. I gave notice that I will stay until sometime in May, depending on the weather. Where to? Well, I’d like to go to the New Mexico mountains. The state parks there are 6-8,000 feet and have trees for shade. But I am also looking for a summer workamping gig. There’s still some around but I don’t want to travel 1-2,000 miles either.

It would cost me about $500-800 more to spend the summer in NM rather than AZ, but I’m looking at it this way- if I stay in Yuma, I would work about 350 hours over the summer. That means I’d be effectively earning about $2 an hour! There’s GOT to be a better way to earn some bucks than that!

Plus, it’s not the easiest gig around. The cooking is tough but I enjoy it. The other four days… Trimming and replanting cactus… Trimming palm tree trunks… On my hands and knees pulling weeds… Makes the Amazon gig look like working in a palace guarding a harem. I don’t mind some hard work but not at those wages!

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