Chicken Mojitos

The second summer mid-week meal is done. More snowbirds have left, so only 45 attended this one. The menu:

Mojito Chicken:
Marinate chicken (I used boneless, skinless breast but bone-in and skin-on would be better) in white rum (the cheap stuff), chopped mint, lime juice and chopped limes.

Cook however you choose. I seared them on the stove top for some color and finished them in the oven.

You can remove the lime sections from the marinade and cook it down for a sauce. I tried it but something didn’t taste right and I didn’t have time to figure it out, so I served it without the sauce. Not a problem at all.

Served the chicken on a bed of couscous with parsley and diced cukes.

Honeydew Soup Shooters:
Throw some honeydew melon chucks and lime juice into a blender. I used 1.25 cups lime juice with 5 melons to make 50 3 ounce servings. Also include some cilantro. Blend it until there’s no chunks. It’s hard to over-blend it but not good under-blended. Taste. Add some sat and some Tabasco (not much, just enough to play against the sweetness. I used about 5 teaspoons.) Chill and serve in small glasses, preferably clear. You could get fancy and make a garnish by using tiny strips of melon, lime and cilantro. I didn’t but I’m not paid by the hour, either.

Caramelized onion, cherry tomato and Mozzarella tarts:
This was a big hit. I loved it.

Peel some red onions and cut into thin slices. Cook them on medium in some olive oil.

When they are soft, add some vinegar (balsamic if you have it, red wine or apple otherwise) and sugar (not a lot, maybe a couple of tablespoons. You can always add more). Crank the burner for a minute or so, then down to low for 4-5 minutes. Taste. Season. They should be dark, soft and sweet (like me in the Yuma sun).

Cut some cherry tomatoes in half.

Get some frozen puff pastry (that shit’s too hard to make yourself, bro!). Grease a pan and heat it. Add the dough per package directions. Let it overhang the edges by about an inch, then fold the edges over and flute them with fork tines.

Put the onions on and spread them evenly over the surface. Add the tomatoes, toss on some chopped herbs, then the mozz. Bake at 400 for about 15-20 minutes until gb&d (golden brown and delicious).

Cut and eat. A pizza cutter would be great.

As an aside, some people in Yuma are trying to get the Marine aircraft to stop flying so low. I think that’s one of the best parts of this place!

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