As you know, I’ve been concerned with being stuck in Yuma for the summer. I had two ways of addressing those concerns. The first was to live on my Internet business revenue and spend the summer in the mountains of New Mexico. And the second was to find a paying workamping gig.

Well, eBay has been doing very poorly for me since last fall and my Etsy experiment showed little promise. But, luckily, I was able to find two paying jobs and received offers from both of them. I accepted the one that I really wanted- I’ll be working as a camp host in a national forest about ten miles outside of Santa Barbara CA. It is a part time position, which will give me plenty of time to explore the area and pays well enough that I can actually leave the job in the fall with more money than I arrived with.

The job starts around the middle of May but I was told that I could arrive earlier, so I may leave as early as this weekend. Just need to straighten out a few things.

I can’t wait though. From a very hot desert parking lot with no shade to a coastal park filled with oak trees, 25 minutes from the Pacific Ocean! Santa Barbara wine country is where Sideways was filmed. And there is a farmer’s market six day a week. Los Angeles is about an hour and a half drive, so I figure once a month I’ll head there for a day.

I leave with a joke. A termite walks into a bar. Termite says “Where’s the bartender?”.


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