Well, the first week is finished at the new job. It’s pretty easy work. It does, however, require me to be at the site for the five workdays. But there’s enough to do, since I can also do personal activities (walk the cat, household to dos, read, watch a movie, etc.). Yesterday was my day off, so I took a hike. Some pictures are below. Today is another day off before the holiday weekend, which promises to be very busy, especially with the oil leak off the Santa Barbara beach. They have cancelled all of the camping reservations for a few hundred people who were reserved at the beach campgrounds, so there will be a lot of them heading this way to find a last minute spot. But I only have two spots available.

Yesterday, I walked across the road to get some fresh eggs. A dozen runs $4, which is only about fifty cents over the grocery store rate. They were three colors, white, brown and a light blue. The yolks are yummy!

Last night I set up a nice fire in the fire ring while I had dinner, followed by some of Charlie’s apple brandy, which I helped make with his still last September. There is a lot of coastal oak available, free for the camp hosts. But sometime in the next month, the fire ban will take effect. Because of the drought and wind conditions, there will be no outside fires or smoking allowed. only propane grills. So there goes any smoked meat plans…

Some of you have contacted me about this blog’s updates. There is a ‘Follow’ link on the page that will send you an e-mail when I add a post.

First, some pictures taken while hiking.


water's edge


Getting some sun. It’s harmless but three feet long. There are rattlesnakes in the area, though.


Effects of the drought:
no rain

trail end




Now for some photos of the area by my site:





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