I was speaking to one of the people staying here last weekend. We wound up discussing food and it turns out he owns Fulvio’s Italian Sausage. He gave me a pack to try and they were delicious- as good as Mineo & Sapio’s. The problem is they are distributed in a small geographic area and not near me. Hopefully, he’ll be here regularly and I can place an order!

After the very busy holiday weekend, the campground was very quiet- a nice change. But all the sites are booked for this weekend. I think that will be the case all summer. Complicating things is the road work going on with the main road into the park. It is backing up traffic and causing delays. I just hope it doesn’t make folks ornery when they arrive!

Stuck close to home this week, mostly reading and hiking short distances. I downloaded a 4-pack of stories by Sue Grafton ( about a female private eye named Kinsey Milhone. I got the Q through T set. Lawrence Block mentioned the series in one of his books. So far, en enjoyable read but not as good as Block’s Bernie Rhodenbarr series. And, of course, definitely not the Phillip Marlowe or Sam Spade books, which, for me, are the greatest in that genre.

Below are a couple of macro shots of some weeds. There’s not many flowers nearby. Also a picture of a family of turkeys. They stop by my site a couple times a day and I have a bag of feed for them. And finally, cat on a cutting board.

weed macro

another weed

wild turkey family

cat on a cutting board


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