I ran a few errands the other day, including doing laundry. When I got home, I realized that my Kindle Paperwhite was missing. I figured I left it at the laundromat. When I called them, all I got was an answering machine that gave directions and hours. So I went online and deregistered (sic) the Kindle so that nobody could order things from Amazon with it. The next morning, I drove back, hoping somebody tunred it in. Alas, nobody did. But the mamger said that I could review the video. It turns out the landromat has a number of cameras. We went back to the previous day’s ‘tapes’ and there I was- folding shirts. Then I put the laundry bag on the table and filled it. But I had put the bag on top of the Kindle. I then picked up the bag and walked out. It’s very embarrassing to see a video of oneself doing something stupid. A few minutes later, another guy took his stuff out of the dryer and proceeded to use the same table. He picked up the Kindle and, instead of taking it to an employee, moved it aside. Right after he leaves, a woman (who was there when I was) walks over, picks up the Kindle, and walks away. I knew what car she had but the video resolution was inadequate to show the plate number.

The manager called the Santa Barbara police and an officer responded in about 5 minutes. He viewed the video and took down the info. He told the manager to call him when she comes in again and he would talk to her, but there is, of course, no way I’m getting it back. The thief is a regular there and the manager said another customer’s change purse went missing just before that, too.

So that’s a $200 unexpected hit to the budget. But I will get the newer version, at least!

It hit 100 degrees yesterday but today is cool and rainy. It’s been so dry here, the rain will settle the dust nicely.

It was a busy week at the campground and I didn’t do much except work and read. I read Public Enemies. It’s about the 1933-1934 period of Dillinger, Bonnie & Clyde, et al, and the rise of the FBI. It’s the basis for the Depp movie about Dillinger. It’s a great book and I’m a fan of folk hero outlaws. The period of American history from around 1890 to the early 1940’s is very interesting from the anarchist/revolutionary point of view. If all you have is a high school view of this period, you should look into it. America was going through some turbulent political times, arguably more so than the 1960’s.

So here’s a picture of a hole. It’s the first in a series I’m working on. The squirrls here live underground instead of in trees. The area is littered with these holes. You need to be careful walking. I haven’t taken a header yet but it’s only a matter of time, especially since I read while walking the cat (or did until, well, you know).




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