I love a man

I’m in love with a man. His name is Joe. Trader Joe. OMG, this store is awesome!! (Note the ironical use of punctuation and texting shorthand.)

There was never a TJ in the cities in which I lived until one opened in Buffalo last year. But I never went there because I thought it was like Whole Foods- overpriced ‘organic’ and ‘gourmet’ food. Anytime I see ‘gourmet’ on a food label, I run. Like most things in America, when something is good and becomes popular, the marketing machine goes into gear and ruins it.

So my first visit to TJ was in Louisville. There I found some great wines for $5-8 and a really nice bourbon for $15. But now I’ve been digging deeper into the products and it has become my main grocery store here in Santa Barbara. Now, it’s no Super HEB or Wegman’s, but it’s head and shoulders above the others. And I still get produce from the farmer’s market. But TJ has interesting, tasty food at reasonable prices. My last visit garnered avocado salsa, Tuscan cantaloupes for $2.99, chicken Italian sausage, and great sourdough cracked wheat bread (perfect for toast). Plus a bottle of Zin for $4.99 (a great daily red) and a Sauvignon Blanc for the same price ( a little lemony but nice). And don’t get me started on the dark chocolate dipped coconut covered almonds! Tonight is spaghetti with my own red sauce and the chicken Italian sausage.

Finally, a couple of photos. First, a foggy morning and then a caterpillar. Enjoy.

foggy morning



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