Day off

I had a day off yesterday, so I thought I would spend the day in Sana Barbara proper. I made some coffee in a thermos and headed out. First stop- a bakery for an almond croissant. Okay, I got two- you happy now?

Then on to the beach. There are a number of parks and beaches along the Pacific coast. I’m not one for beaches much but I love being near the water, just not the ‘laying on a blanket all day’ thing. So here’s where I had breakfast:

My Breakfast View

I think I like it here!

Then it was on to the Public Market. I thought it would be a farmer’s market but it’s a store that also includes aabout a dozen independant food shops and restaurants inside. There’s a great looking seafood shop with local caught fish and a noodle bar that I’ll need to hit next time.

I bought some local EVOO and then found what I was looking for: a bread store. its called Crazy Good Bread and I bought two small loaves. I tried the fig masala today and it is awesome.

After I returned to the park, a guy pulled in with a Vanagon Westfalia. I had a Vanagon and miss it. He looked at the site next to me and said he would check with the wife and be back in a couple of minutes. When he didn’t return after thiry, I figured the wife preferred the other park. Well, they returned to tell me that they did, in fact, prefer the other park but wanted to let me know so that I wouldn’t hold the spot. He then asked if I would care to join hem in a bourbon- Dickel or Bulleit? I said whatever he was having was fine. So he broke out three ceramic shot glasses that he made in a class he took, and we talked about how hard it is to find a decent bagle or pizza out here. He feels it is a pipe dream but my search continues!


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