I know I don’t post very often. It was bothering me, since most blogs have daily updates and mine are no better than bi-weekly. But two thoughts occurred to me. The first is that my life has a certain level of routine. Not like some 9-5er, but still. Someone like RV Sue, who actually doesn’t ‘do’ that much each day, can post daily (and get a large audience) because she moves around on an almost daily basis. But while I’m in one place for an extended period, albeit only for a few months, a certain repetition becomes a part of my daily life: I’m in the same campground, spend my mornings off down at the Santa Barbara beach, make regular visits to the farmers market. How many posts about that can there be without drifting into banality?

The second thought involved my readership. I started the blog as a means to stay in touch with family and friends, but, based on the site stats, it doesn’t appear that they are particularly interested!

So it occurred to me that I shouldn’t be bothered by the irregular posting schedule. The ‘rule’ of daily postings did not come down from the Mount. I am playing with some alternative styles of posts, though. There are other opportunities besides the ‘what I did today’ theme. If I find something that I feel comfortable with, I will morph this blog. But for now, it will remain an infrequent online diary.

Here’s a few day-off photos. The first is a five-shot handheld pano. Pretty good, if I may say so, considering it’s without a tripod or pano mount.

Santa Barbara beach pano

beach pano

A friend comes by for breakfast:

friend for breakfast

A couple more beach views:
Santa Barbara beach

Santa Barbara beach

I got a smartphone. It has a camera. I hate smartphone cameras. But they are convenient to carry around. Here are two samples. The first is a decent shot of the Solvang farmers market. The second is why I hate smartphone cameras.
Solvang Farmer's Market

BLT- local lettuce, local bread, local tomatoes. Non-local bacon and mayo (although I’m on the trail of a local pork producer).
BLT sandwich

A camper gave me some Meyer lemons from his yard. They were the juciest lemons I’ve ever seen. The produce in this area just blows me away. Evey Wednesday, I go to the farmer’s market in Solvang. The town itself is a bit touristy but the market is wonderful. The peaches are spectacular- the best I’ve ever had. There is so much fruit and vegetables available that I have trouble not going nuts and buying more than I can keep refrigerated.

Finally, the cat caught a squirrel. Shithead was sitting under the van, staying cool. Just ahead of the van is a dirt area where I feed the wild turkeys. They occasionally miss some grains and other animals come by after the turkeys leave- mostly squirrels and birds. We have woodpeckers, blue jays, doves and hummingbirds in this campground. Well, this one squirrel, a regular, has his back to the van and is munching away. The cat stalks him from under the van in an Niagara Falls kind of way. Once he gets within a few feet, most animals take off. But this one, with his back turned, was clueless. So Shithead gets to less than a foot away and pounces. I don’t know who was more surprised, the squirrel or the cat! You see, Shithead has never actually caught anything bigger than a bug. But since he doesn’t have his front claws, he just sort of tagged the squirrel instead of biting him. A chase ensued and I wish I had the camera ready. That is one good use of a smartphone camera, anyway.


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