This month was (is) one of the worst EVER! I was all set to go to work for Amazon for a few months in Kentucky when my van started misfiring. I pulled the code and it was cylinder #3. Had it towed to a shop and they said it was a bad plug. Hundreds later (had some other ignition and tune-up items done), it was running fine. For about 2 weeks, anyway. Then the misfiring resumed. Since it’s so hilly here, I am not able to leave the canyon, much less drive to KY. So I had to pass on the Amazon gig. They were very nice about it (thanks Kelly) and said I could start later if I get it fixed or would be welcome back next season.

Couple that with having to work all winter with a manager who has absolutely no time management skills and no team building knowledge, and then pile on the fact that I have to order most of my food through Amazon- yikes! It’s going to be a long winter indeed.

So I need the car fixed. I ordered some troubleshooting tools- spark tester and compression gauge. The next step is to check for spark. It could be a bad coil pack, but I doubt it. Why? Because it’s the easiest and least expensive solution.

If the spark checks out, I’ll test the compression. That will not be fun. Getting access to the plugs is difficult, Especially the problem cylinder. For that I need to remove the front wheel and go through the wheel well. I think the compression test will show the real culprit- a bad exhaust valve. Of course, it could come out fine. Then it would be a fuel injector test. One of those 3 tests will reveal the problem. But,come on, we both know it’s going to be the hard and expensive problem, right?

An exhaust valve replacement would run over a grand, maybe three. It’s probably not worth it to sink that kind of money into it, but I need it for two more years. So I’m going to repair it myself. There’s a couple people here that can lend a hand (or at least some advice). With parts and some tools, I think I can get it dome for under $500, including a couple of other repairs.

Next post will explain how a foodie survives by ordering all his food online!

Here’s a picture of a coastal oak with a torn limb:
oak tree


4 thoughts on “Engines

  1. Shame about your vehicle. Hope you figure it out. Looks like you’ll be eating like I eat, on Chef-Boy-R-Dee & Hormel Compleats. Maybe I should start a blog, but then again…How much can a person write about watching tv, and playing fantasy sports? Hey, did you know that Dave & Paula live in Hamburg NY? Looked them up on google the other day. Sadly, it appears Paula passed away last year.


  2. That is really sad news about Paula. I was going through some files last month and found their wedding announcement that I had cut out of the newspaper.

    A fantasy sports blog could be a money-maker. Do some research on monetizing blogs. Use mine as an example of what NOT to do.


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