Oh, sorry, I was binge watching Hell On Wheels. So, where was I? Oh yeah, engine trouble. Funny story about that. After figuring it was major trouble (which, I may add, was a perfectly logical conclusion to reach, given the symptoms), I bought a few diagnostic tools and jacked up one side of the van. Access to the back spark plug is best achieved by going in through the wheel well. I attached the spark tester and started it up. Hmmm… getting spark. Next was the coil check. The coil is below and towards the back, so I removed a couple of items and got out my flashlight. It’s very dark down there! While reaching in to remove the wire for the #3 cylinder, I notice that the #4 plug wire (which is on the other side of the coil) is unplugged. Plug it in, start the van, everything runs great! The garage that did the previous repair neglected to fully insert the new plug wires and that one worked it’s way loose. So I checked the others and am good to go.

Speaking of good to go, I’m taking a little trip in the next few days so there will be more blog updates. Meanwhile, here’s a photo from the second day of rain in the last four months:
flower and bee after rain

And here’s my wild turkey crew:


One thought on “Fixed

  1. Hey John, glad the repair was a somewhat quick fix, hope you have a good trip, which way are you headed, have a great time, Michael

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