The manager of the campgrounds where I was staying in Southern California had trouble coping with the stress of being a manager and also being a camp host of one of the five campgrounds. This resulted in a very bad work environment, especially considering that being a camp host in the off season is a pretty stress-free gig. So I checked with Amazon to see if they had any late openings for their Peak season this year. Luckily, they did, so I gave notice, hooked up the trailer, and booked.

2300 miles in 3 days! I don’t think I want to do that again. But I had some eBay stuff to take care of before I started at Amazon on the 16th. Turns out that Amazon had some paperwork issues and I couldn’t start until yesterday.

The trip was fairly uneventful. I left a few hours late and reached Barstow CA after dark. While going through town, I hit the biggest dip I’ve ever encountered. And I didn’t see any warning sign (although it was dark so I may have missed it). I wasn’t able to slow down in time, so the van was pointing up while the trailer was pointing down and off came the hitch! What a racket! But the safety cables did what they were supposed to do, so no harm done.

Then, in Missouri, I was walking back to the car from a truck stop rest break when I noticed a large chunk of the driver’s side trailer tire tread was gone. Yikes! Good thing it was showing from that angle. A trailer tire blow-out can really damage a trailer. The wheel wells are fiberglass and can tear up with a high speed blowout, exposing the interior. Anyway, I caught it in time and put the spare on. Note to vintage Apache trailer owners: the driver’s side lug nuts are reverse thread!

The highlight of the trip was going through the New Mexico mountains at night. I was around 7000 feet up with no moon showing as I crested the mountain and there, taking up the entire windshield view, was Albuquerque- all lit up. What a wonderful sight! But going downhill towing a trailer rather precluded getting out the camera. If I had known about that view, I would have been ready. But trust me, it was gorgeous.

So here’s my view from the trailer for my stay in Kentucky:


KY view

For anyone with my phone number, use the 716 number. The 805 is a Verizon number, which doesn’t get coverage here.


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