My last day at Amazon was 12/22. I only worked three weeks full-time and 2 weeks part-time this year. The position was better this year than last and the campground at Green River State Park was better then the RV park I was in last year. Plus the weather was better. Just a better time overall.

So now I’m taking 3-4 months off. In two years, I can retire. I was thinking about making New Mexico my home base at that point. The state park system seems to be great. So I thought I would try it out for a bit now to see how I like it.

My first stop is Lake Sumner, southeast of Albuquerque in the high dessert (about 4000′). It’s 1300 miles from Kentucky. I checked the weather and it looked like rain was coming in on Saturday afternoon, so I wanted to get there that morning. I left Campbellsville Thursday, with plenty of time- it’s only 24 hours of driving. Christmas would be spent behind the wheel, but that’s OK. It’s not a holiday for my religion.

I was going to stop in Oklahoma City Friday night. There is a casino that offers free hook-up sites for RVs. But when I got near, I decided to press on, reaching Amarillo late Friday. That’s when I checked the weather again. I wanted to see if the rain was moving in sooner. That’s the first time I heard about Winter Storm Goliath! Two to three feet of snow in New Mexico! Sixty MPH wind gusts! Yeah- no thank you. So what to do? I couldn’t keep going west right into the storm. I thought about back-tracking to San Antonio to stay with Rick and Jan for a few days but after driving 1100 miles, I just couldn’t get up the enthusiasm for anther 500 miles. Saturday morning, after catching some sleep at the TX DOT rest area, I went on a search for a motel. I found a decent place called the Sleep Inn- big bed, clean, fridge, freezer and microwave, and just under $40 with tax and pet fee. Across the interstate was a grocery store, so I picked up some frozen burritos and a six pack of Lone Star assorted, turned up the heat, and turned on the TV.

Man, I hate television. There’s a few shows that are good (such as The Walking Dead) but basic cable is just mind numbingly bad. I’m convinced that it reduces IQ.

And it gets worse. Texas and New Mexico closed I-40, so I was stuck. I wound up spending two more nights there. The cat loved it, though- nice and toasty!

I got out of there Tuesday morning and drove an easy, uneventful 200 final miles. I found a nice spot to put the trailer. It’s not right on the water but is elevated, so I get a good view. There’s no one around me, either. In fact, the only other trailer here belongs to the camp host. I guess the cold is keeping people away. That’s fine with me. I have a nice heater and I have a bunch of stuff to put up on eBay, so the next two weeks is computer work anyway. How cold is it? Daytime highs are low 40’s and it’s about 20 at night. The cat hates it. If I can get him to go out, he’ll walk four feet and turn around.

Here’s my view for the next two weeks:



Sumner Lake State Park, NM


One thought on “Blizzard

  1. Nice pics by the way. I always enjoy the scenery. I agree with ya about tv. I only watch the main channels when certain sports are on, thank God I have xtra channels, like History, Destination America, Travel, TCM, SyFy, Chiller, etc……


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