New Year’s Day

It’s still cold here for another day or so, with a light sprinkle of snow overnight. But it’s warm and toasty in the trailer. Shithead (my cat) went outside today for a whole five minutes. I think it’s because he saw a family of six deer this morning when we awoke, feeding just a few yards away. But they were gone by the time we set foot out the door- had to make my coffee first.

Speaking of coffee, some of you know I roast my own. But roasting produces a certain amout of smoke and, with the low temps, I didn’t want to open a window. Neither did I want to fill the trailer with coffee smoke (not as nice as it sounds). So I actually bought coffee from a supermarket. I know, I know. But, guess what? No, it didn’t taste as good as fresh roasted, fresh ground coffee. Are you nuts? What I mean is that it didn’t kill me. Don’t worry, I’m not going to give up on roasting.

In the early afternoon, when it reached peak temperature (32), I went out for a short hike, Here are a few photos I took:




cold water




3 thoughts on “New Year’s Day

  1. Happy New Year friend ! Keep warm ! Try Fresh Market coffee brand if you have to buy at the store. The coffee/chicory is a nice bold taste.


    • I’ll look for it if I need to go that route again. I picked up Natural Directions Fair Trade Dark Roast because it was on sale and it couldn’t be worse than Starbucks!


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