Well, no pictures of Bottomless Lakes State Park, as promised last episode. I didn’t stay there as long as I wanted because I was way behind in my eBay work. So I went back to Oasis SP, where there are fewer distractions.

Shithead, my cat, does love it here, though. A few days ago, I put him in his harness and took him out for a walk around sunset. He likes to hunt rabbits. He never comes close to catching one, but seems to enjoy the stalking. We stayed out a little longer than usual and it got dark. All of a sudden, he stopped and sat down. I didn’t think anything of it since he does that occasionally. After a few minutes, I felt him back into my legs. That he’s never done. I shined my flashlight, which had been off, around a bit and alighted on a pair of eyes about 20 yards away. This animal didn’t even flinch in the light. So I figured a retreat was in order. I picked up the cat and he was shaking. That has never happened! He’ll growl, or get his fur up, but I’ve never seen him scared. We took a wide berth around whatever it was and went straight home. Needless to say, he didn’t want to go out anymore that night. Of course, two days later, he was meowing to go. I’m not sure what it was, probably a coyote. Or maybe…

Anyway, I am leaving tomorrow for California. I got a summer gig as a breakfast chef at a lakeside resort near Mt. Shasta. It runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day but they said I could come up in April and help get the place ready for the summer rush. Meanwhile, I found an RV park looking for someone to start right away and work for a couple of months, helping to get that park ready for the summer. I was offered the job and gladly took it. What’s great is that it is only a couple hundred miles from the cooking job. So I leave tomorrow for a 1600 miles drive to redwood country. I’m excited- I’ve never been to northern Cali and never saw a redwood before.

After Labor Day, the plan is to return to New Mexico until the beginning of November, when I return to Kentucky for the Amazon gig. I hope to spend a few days in San Francisco and a few at the Grand canyon on my way back to NM. Then, after Amazon, I’ll head to Cajun country for a week and then on to New Mexico via San Antonio.

Here’s a couple shots of tonight’s sunset in New Mexico:


New Mexico sunset


New Mexico sunset


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