California redux

Well, I made it. Wednesday, leaving an hour late, I hit my goal of 515 miles. Thursday put on another 715 miles, leaving only 300 for Friday. But the last day was the hardest. I-5 is in terrible condition. Add the early morning drive through San Francisco and then a couple of hundred miles of twisty mountain roads, pulling a trailer and driving in intermittent rain, and you have a recipe for fun! But I arrived safely at Giant Redwoods RV where I’ll be until April 19.

The manager was nice enough to have me start on Monday, so I had a couple of days to unwind after that drive. Now, the first week is done. I work four days: two outside (6 hours each) and two inside (8 hours each). This week’s outside work involved shoveling wood chips into some sites and putting in some irrigation lines. I was pretty stiff by Wednesday morning! But then I spent Wed. and Thursday in the office, learning the POS system for reservations and the retail store. It’s the slow season now, so I will get some reading done. I finally replaced the Paperwhite that got stolen last summer. This looks to be my standard schedule now.

Here’s some pictures of the area. The first shows my trailer parked under a redwood:


trailer under redwood


trailer under redwood


view from campsite


another flower


still another


campsite view

Today I drove to Eureka CA, about 45 miles on the coast. It’s my second trip there. There’s a nice food co-op, some restaurants, and a decent bagel shop. The co-op has local, grass fed beef. And 80% ground hamburger is only $4.99 a pound (4.59 if you buy 10# or more). They also have 90% and 95% but I think a fat-free burger makes no sense. Anyway, I bought some of the 80% last week. Made a six ounce patty and some mashed potatoes and a side of peas. I nailed the temp on the burger and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. Next week, I’ll get some 95% and do a taste test.

I also got some beef liver at $2.99 a pound. I haven’t had liver and onions in ages. So I tossed a couple of bacon strips in a pan and, when they were ready to turn over, I added some sliced yellow onions. When the bacon was nearly done, I seasoned the liver and then gave it a dusting of flour before adding it to the pan. Only a few minutes on one side and then a couple on the other is all it takes. But as i was finishing, I realized I had no lemon juice. This dish definitely need some jazzing up with a shot of citrus. So, what to do, what to do? I looked around and spied a bottle of dry vermouth. Glugged about half a cup into the pan, scraped up the frond, and let it reduce. Man, that was great! That’s how I’m going to do it every time!

I stopped for lunch at Mike’s:


Mike’s in Eureka CA

Garlic fries since 1943! How could I not? I had a chili burger, garlic fries and a chocolate shake. The fries were great- made from scratch inside, not frozen. Maybe a little too much salt, but I’ve cut back on salt, so I think ‘normal’ salted food seems over salted to me now. The burger is available with 1, 2, or 3 patties. I went with the single but I was afraid the chili would overwhelm it. Not to fear, the chili was not the Texas Red Hot style but much milder, so it worked out. I’ll definitely return to try the hot dogs.


single burger with chili at Mike’s

Here’s some pictures I took on the way to Eureka:


road bridge






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