I know it’s been a long time, but wait until you hear what happened! Well, not much, actually. That’s why it’s been a long time…

I’m here just a few miles from Mount Shasta CA until Labor Day.

I’m cooking breakfast and lunch at a 60-seat restaurant. It’s very hard work but very enjoyable. Plus it pays really well! I am doing mostly prep work and some line cooking. I much prefer the prep work. Each day, one or two of us prepare most of the food that will be served at all three meals. So we might roast 24 half- chickens, cook a couple of pork shoulders for pulled pork, cook ribs and tri-tip, make salsa, BBQ sauce, mac & cheese, refried beans, corn bread, baked beans, turkey chili, plus slice tomatoes, onions and cukes… Like I said, lots of work but fun.

They have pulled pork on the menu but they weren’t cooking it properly. I made one my way (not in a smoker though) and the other cooks and the managers liked it so much that now I get to cook all the shoulder and ribs. And I’ve talked them into trying out a smoker. So I’ll get to be a pit master! I’ve already told them I’m returning next year.

I bought a bike. I haven’t had one since I left Buffalo over a year and a half ago. I use it to make short trips around the park. I hate to make half mile trips with the car- it’s not good for the engine. I also got a camera bag so I can use it on my days off. But, man, my legs are weaker now!

Speaking of cameras, I also got a new camera. Or rather, another camera. I’ve been using an Olympus E-10 since 2000. It’s starting to have some problems and is becoming a PITA. So I upgraded to a 2003 Olympus E-1. It’s really a good camera. I love the Kodak sensors that Oly used back then much more than the Sonys in use now. Plus the sensor dimensions of the E-1 are double the E-10’s, giving it four times the sensor area. I hope this camera lasts as long as the E-10. I got it on eBay and it’s like new with only 1200 shutter actuations. Most of the pictures in today’s post were taken with the E-10, as I just got the E-1 today.

Here’s some recent pictures taken in the area:





Lake Siskyou


one for Luber and the Big Dog










plaza with my supermarket and hardware store

I was hiking through a canyon when I came upon this barrel:


After I took the picture, I turned around and saw something I have been looking for for years. Old junk cars. I’m talking ’30s and ’40s. Dumped down the side of a hill and left for decades. Here’s a few photos I took but I’m going back over the next few months to do an extensive photo project of the junkers.






Dillinger slept here


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