Work & Beer

Things have gotten interesting here at the restaurant. Some poor workers have left, some reassigned (off breakfast/lunch shift, at least). One guy who cooked here for eight years is back. He had some personal stuff going on and couldn’t start until recently. Plus the main prep guy quit, so I’m doing all the prep myself. But we have a tight crew, so it’s all good. I also take care of the inventory and ordering for the restaurant, two snack shacks, and the ice cream stand. Oh, I also cook for any catering events we have. Luckily, those are few. There’s a group of 60 next weekend, so there’s lots of OT in my future. Only about seven more weeks, though. Then I have two months off!

I’m trying to get some bike riding in but it wasn’t working trying to do it after work. So now I’m getting up around 5:15 AM and riding before work. Here’s a couple of sunrise scenes from the boat launch here at the resort:


Sunrise, Lake Siskiyou


boat dock at sunrise, Lake Siskiyou

I’ve also gone back to the auto junkyard I found. I did some asking around and that area was the city dump at one time. There’s a guy who comes in for breakfast now and then. His house was where the restaurant sits now. It was taken through eminent domain when the government wanted to build Lake Siskiyou. Next time I see him, I’ll get more info about the dump. Anyway, here’s a shot with the new-to-me Olympus E-1:

One of the nicer aspects of Northern CA is the beer scene. I love IPAs and here’s what I’ve tried this summer:
Speakeasy Tallulah Extra Pale Ale
Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA
Mendocino Brewing White Hawk Select IPA
Mad River Steelhead IPA
Ninkasi Total Domination
Six Rivers IPA
Mt. Shasta Mountain High
Stone IPA

No clear favorite- just enjoying them all!

The current reading list:
Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness, William Styron
Styron’s true account of his descent into a crippling and almost suicidal depression
The Myth of an Afterlife: The Case Against Life After Death, edited by Michael Martin & Keith Augustine
A series of contributions that redress this imbalance in the literature by providing a strong, comprehensive, and up-to-date casebook of the chief arguments against an afterlife.
Paris Was Ours, edited by Penelope Rowlands
In thirty-two personal essays, the writers describe how they were seduced by Paris and then began to see things differently.
32 Yolks, Eric Ripert
Story about the making of a French chef, from the culinary icon behind the renowned New York City restaurant Le Bernardin.


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