Leaving California

I stayed in Northern CA for only a week. Apparently, they didn’t have enough work for an additional workamper, so I headed to New Mexico. I’ll stay here for a month before heading to the Amazon gig in Kentucky. After that, around Christmas, I’ll come back to New Mexico and stay for about five months.

I may take a detour to South Dakota after leaving Kentucky. I registered my car and trailer there instead of renewing my NY plates. I will save over a grand a year on insurance. But I have until the end of January to get my SD drivers license. The registration was done through my mail forwarding service but I have to appear in person for the license. If the weather is decent, I’ll drive there. If not, I’ll fly from Albuquerque or maybe El Paso.

Here are some photos from my short stay on the Pacific coast:

I’m at 7400 feet elevation now in New Mexico. It’s hard to catch my breath at this height. But the skies are beautiful. Look at how blue the afternoon sky is:

high elevation blue sky

And a couple of shots of the surrounding area:

I missed a great sunset the other day and have been waiting for a repeat of the conditions, but this is the best I could get (so far):

I set up the camera at a day use area and took a lot of photos, of which I’ll only keep a few. While there, a Muslim family was enjoying a picnic at the next table set-up over. They invited me to join them for a meal. They didn’t want their picture taken, though. I have always enjoyed the company of immigrants. Iranians in Atlanta, Cubans in Florida, Dominicans in Buffalo and Mexicans in California. I’ve always found them to be friendly, sharing, and more interested in art and intellectual pursuits than the average TV- addicted white American. Obviously, I am anti-wall!

As I headed back to my trailer and the sun was below the horizon, the full moon rose.

I just finished a great biography of Vincent van Gogh by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith. It’s a long book but captivating. They wrote a bio of Jackson Pollack, which I need to get.

I’m also reading:
Lawrence Block’s Keller’s Fedora
The French Chef in America- Julia Child’s Second Act by Alex Prud’Homme
Bandits by Elmor Leonard and
How Chance and Stupidity Have Changed History by Erik Durschmied.


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