Happy Thanksgiving

Since it looks as though I will be waiting until the end of next year to get a different trailer, I have started to make some improvements to my Apache. And since it’s getting colder, I’m starting with the insulation.

Yesterday, I added a ‘teardrop’ weatherstrip tape to the end of the roof that meets the bed end roof. There is a small gap that lets just enough air in to be a problem. I’m not real happy with the result, however and am thinking of replacing it with pipe wrap insulation. That’s the round foam insulation that has a cut along one side. It seems like that would ‘clamp’ on to the box roof edge nicely.

I then added door edge insulation to cover those small door gaps most pop-ups have.

I’m also considering getting rid of my propane tanks. I have two 20 pounders but only use it for the stove top. My oven, water heater and room heaters are all electric. I have a Mr. Heater Big Buddy but don’t use it anymore. First, it costs more to operate. Second, the electric does a fine job. Third, it takes more attention. There are two types of LP tank extension hoses available for that heater. I could only find one when I bought the set-up. It’s the one that requires you to turn the propane off at the tank when you shut off the heater inside. Too much of a pain when it’s cold outside! Why not leave it running all night? I tried that- propane heat leaves condensation (even with a window cracked) and I awoke with all the walls covered in moisture.

So if I replace my stove top with an induction cooker, I can ditch the propane altogether. I just need to check if my current cookware will work. Time to get out the magnets!

It looks like (fingers crossed) that I will be here in Vegas until sometime in January. So I will be getting out with the camera soon. Meanwhile, here’s some shots from New Mexico:

Current reading list:
That Bear Ate My Pants! Adventures of a Real Idiot Abroad by Tony James Slater
The author’s trip to Ecuador. A very funny read.

The Eichmann Trial by Deborah Lipstadt
The capture of SS Lieutenant Colonel Adolf Eichmann by Israeli agents in Argentina in May of 1960 and his subsequent trial.

The Martian by Andy Weir
The story is told mostly through the log entries of astronaut Mark Watney, chronicling his efforts to survive on Mars. I’m reading it because a reviewer noted similarities between the book and the 1964 movie Robinson Crusoe on Mars, which I love!

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
A classic. The movie is an example of a rare great film version of a book.

Appetites by Anthony Bourdain
I love Bourdain. I think anyone who’s worked in a restaurant kitchen does. He’s the BOH patron saint. I got this book without a second thought. Turns out it’s a recipe book. Bourdain is at his best when he’s doling out opinions, snarky or otherwise. There is very little of that in here and it may be his shark-jumping moment. Who knows, maybe he needed the easy money a recipe book will produce? But, really, who reads Bourdain for a grilled cheese recipe?


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