Still here

Time is passing quickly here in Vegas, while I get little accomplished. But I am enjoying the leisure. I look at it as practice for retirement- which is only 10 months away! I may work longer, and I will still spend a little time on my eBay business, but the plan is to finish this summer’s gig, then spend some time in New Mexico until February 2018. What happens then, you ask? Well, that’s a surprise. I’m planning a major project that will include travel, photography and writing but it’s too early to discuss it with the likes of you!

I roused myself up early last Saturday for a hiking trip with a MeetUp group. MeetUp is an online site to brings together people with similar interests. I went to a few MeetUps in Buffalo, but found them to be comprised of cliques of friends out for the evening. One of the hiking groups here seemed interesting, so I thought I’d try it.

We met at 8 AM and hiked in the Red Rock Canyon area to the Muffin Boulders. It’s just under two miles but climbs 1000 feet. Up and back took almost three hours with a short break at the top. While I enjoyed it, I’m not sure I’ll attend any others. I like to use hikes as a vehicle for photography, not to hike, per se. And since we’re constantly moving, there’s little social aspect to the hikes.

Here’s a few pictures. The skies were very dark (we even got some snow at the summit).

Speaking of photography, I am trying to take more pictures this year. I find myself drawn to photos that involve geometrics, texture and perspective in everyday scenes. Here’s what I mean (click for larger):

I mentioned my summer gig earlier in this post. A great way to find workamper jobs is through Workers on Wheels and Workamper News. Workamper News puts out a bi-monthly newspaper-format issue that lists hundreds of jobs by state. In the Nov/Dec issue, I found twelve jobs that appealed to me. Of those, there was one that sounded perfect. So it was the only one to which I sent a resume. After a few weeks, I was hired. I start May 10 and can go there a couple weeks before. The job runs until sometime in October-November. I’ll be cooking at a resort in the Arizona mountains (7600′). So the plan is to stay in Vegas until the end of April and then drive a whole 400 miles, where I’ll stay for 6-7 months. My cat will be pissed because he loves it here.


One thought on “Still here

  1. Hey John, how much longer in Vegas? Been very busy here and had to have my bladder checked to see in any cancer was coming back, but still cancer free 9 years now, can’t believe how that time has gone by, did have a bad reaction to the antibiotics that put me down and out of work for a while, then went back to work for 3 days and caught the flu, went to a clinic and passed out in the exam room and woke up in a cardiac unit at the hospital, all tests came back negative but can’t go back to work for a week, what a mess, felt like I hardly worked all month. What’s next for you, let me know

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