City Life

I had to move the trailer about 30 yards because my employer thought it was a better spot. He doesn’t realize that it takes as long for me to pack up, hitch and unhitch, then set back up for a move of 30 yards as it does for a move of 3000 miles. Just less traveling time.

As I was setting up, I tripped over a curb that runs along two sides of the trailer. The fall seemed to be in slow motion. I realized I was falling and that there was nothing I could do to break the fall and it proceeded in a manner that made me wonder if there was a man in a flannel shirt nearby yelling “Timbeeeer!”.

Luckily, I just received a couple of scratches. I don’t fall too often, more like once a year. So I figure I have it out of the way now. Then, last night, I stubbed my toe going barefoot and may have broken it. It’s swollen and black and blue. It’s fun getting old!

I was going to do some work on the trailer but decided that I am going to get a different trailer later this year, so why bother? I’d rather put the money towards the new trailer and spend the time reading and walking (although not at the same time) instead of ditzing around with trailer modifications.

Once I get the trailer replaced (by the end of October), I was going to retire. But I may need to put that off for one more year. It would be best if I also replace the tow vehicle. My minivan can tow 4400 pounds but, since it grew up in Buffalo, rust is becoming an issue. Even though I am in the dry southwest, rust never sleeps. If I don’t replace it by the end of next year, I won’t be able to for 3-4 years. So I will look for something to do this winter, then hopefully, return to this summer’s job next summer.

I have 7 1/2 weeks left here in Vegas, but I may see if my summer employer has something earlier for me to do. Why not stay here until May 3? Well, first, it’s just so noisy here. Tons of high speed traffic and cars, trucks and motorcycles with modified exhaust systems- apparently there’s no muffler inspection around here!

Second, it’s starting to get hot, with highs of 80 right now, which means 90-100 can’t be too far behind. The summer job is at 7600 feet and is currently twenty degrees cooler. Plus I can make some more money. I’m getting very bored with the lack of work around here.

And finally, for some excitement, I was woken at 2 AM by a police officer. The commercial property where I stay is next to an apartment complex. The first entrance to said property is about 100 yards away. He wanted to know if the two story building I’m at has cameras on the roof. Why? A man was just shot and murdered at the entrance to those apartments. Two hours later, I was awakened again, this time by a pair of detectives, asking me the same question. They received the same answer- no cameras. Might be time to get my 12 gauge pump (thanks Rick) out of the van and next to the bed!

No pictures this time, just trying to keep up some updates.


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