Well, I’ve been in Arizona for a month now. The weather is great- blue skies, warm temps, low humidity. It’s still chilly at night (40’s) with a cold front moving in next week. There’s even talk of snow next Tuesday night. That’s life at 7600 feet!

This resort is an escape from the heat for Phoenix residents. I checked the temps for July-September for the last two years. There were only seven days above 90 and none in triple digits. Nights during that time were anywhere from the low 60’s to the mid-40’s. But that is also the rainy season. And that’s when mushroom hunting season begins.

So one nice aspect of this RVing shtick is I get two springs. February and March in Vegas and now May in Arizona. Of course, that also means two allergy seasons!

I was hired to be a cook at the resort. But then they said the cook on hand didn’t need much help and would I mind spending some shifts as a waiter? Well, the money is good and I want to get a new trailer this year, so I said sure. (Most workamper jobs run from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This one runs from May 1 to December 1. Plus the hourly rate is higher than most workamper jobs.)

Once I got here, I was told there would be no cooking for me. So I would spend a few shifts as a waiter, then a few working the front desk (retail store and reservations), with maybe some outside maintenance thrown in to get me to 40 hours. Well, I hate working the desk. OK, hate’s a strong word. I dislike it. Working the phones is a pain because of my hearing problem.

Anyway, I trained for three days on the reservation software, then, because the restaurant wasn’t open yet, I got to paint some of the cabin suites. It wasn’t tooo bad. I worked alone and wore a headset so I could listen to podcasts that I download onto an Ipad but usually can’t keep up with them.

All this happened the first two weeks of April. Then the manager approached me and said the cook was leaving to get back together with his wife and could I take over the kitchen? So now I have the cooking gig I wanted. It’s going to be tough, though. There are 42 seats in the restaurant. We only serve dinner on Friday, then breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and then breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Adding in prep, cleaning, and inventory, I’ll have 40 hours easy but the weekends are going to be a blur. Of course, that means I have off from Sunday around 4 to Friday noon. The bourbon will be flowing at 4:01 on Sunday!

But it will still be hard. There’s no hostess and only one waitress and one cook. They had hired a dishwasher/busser, but he is not returning their phone calls (what else is new). So I’ll (we’ll) be slammed for six straight meals. They have never kept track of the covers, so I don’t even know how many people show up! And with no hostess, 40 people could show up and sit down all at the same time. I don’t know how I’m going to stay out of the weeds in that situation. but at least the waitress is experienced, so I don’t have to worry about the front of the house. It’s only for the summer, though. Since I’ll be cooking until the end of November, I can afford to take the winter off, bumming around New Mexico from December to the end of April. I just need to remember that when I have 20 tickets hanging!

I’ve since moved the trailer from my temporary spot (pictured last post) to the employee area. There’s only four trailers here, so there’s decent privacy. And I have an end space. Picture next post.

There are many hiking trails and some lakes in the area. That’s the big draw here, besides the weather.

Boating is big:

boat rampboating on the lake

Not so much swimming, I’d guess:


But fishing is huge:


This is a mountain up towards Flagstaff. Not sure yet what it’s called:


The restaurant opens tomorrow (5/5) after a few soft dinners for the employees. I guess they wanted to make sure I could cook a burger! I’ll update soon if I survive!


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