August already?

Well, it’s been awhile since I posted. The internet here, during the busy season, is pretty bad. Very bad, actually, to the point of being unusable. But, since last week, there appears to be a lot fewer people here during the week, allowing me to get decent speeds. The Verizon tower is close by and I get 4 bars of 4G LTE, but, so I’ve been told, lightning hit the tower a year ago and they replaced it with a lower capacity unit.

Here’s a couple of photos from the resort:

The (rustic) restaurant:


My kitchen (pretty spacious, really- and cleaner than it looks in this picture):


resort scenes (lots of flowers and butterflies now that it’s raining):

view from my site

site view


Work is, umm, interesting. It’s generally busy and can get quite stressful. I can’t say I’m having much fun at work. Boo hoo, right? After a couple of weeks, the waitress quit. It’s too bad because she was an experienced server. They got a replacement, but she hasn’t been a server for 20 years. She also has some physical issues which slow her down. And I think her previous waitron gig was more along the lines of Denny’s. She had (has) a problem learning the menu, which has led to some real problems. But the customers like her and she shows up (she has a fifth wheel two spots away from me), so I guess it works. She’s gotten better in the last two months.

I’ve also gotten better. I’ve been making incremental improvements to my work flow so that things go along fairly smoothly. It still gets tough when a lot of people come in at the same time. But I’ve kept service times within an acceptable limit, considering the Yelp complaints in previous years here talk about 1-2 hour waits for food! Hey, there’s limitations to what I can do. There’s only so much fryer and grill space, just so much room for plates under the heat lamps, and a lot depends on getting someone to run the food when the window is full. Steaks will rise in temperature one degree every minute after pulling from the grill, so a steak can go from medium rare to medium in 10 minutes. And they wonder why I get upset when food sits in the window!

I’ve made some improvements to the menu. Making fresh hash browns instead of throwing frozen bullet potatoes in the deep fryer, making fresh buttermilk pancakes each morning, and a Buffalo style fish fry- a flounder fillet in beer batter. According to the food rep, nobody does that anywhere around here. They all use frozen pre-breaded cod steaks thrown in the deep fryer. I’ve also added a baked lemon flounder as a Friday special, which is doing well

The owner decided to keep the restaurant open until December 5, so I’ll be staying here until then. It pays well enough that I can get a new trailer plus put aside enough to get me through the winter without working. I’ll start looking for a trailer beginning Labor Day. But there’s no hurry. I don’t need it until Thanksgiving. The longer I wait, the more money I’ll have.

I’m deciding between a Trailmanor and a hybrid. One of the advantages of the Trailmanor is also it’s main disadvantage- it’s size. When open, the TM is 29′. That means lots of room inside but reduces the number of small spots I can get into. So I’m leaning towards a hybrid.

Here’s a Trailmanor:

Here’s a hybrid:

I work 40-43 hours in 3.5 days, then have 3.5 days off. But I haven’t been doing enough on my days off. One reason is because I got an infection on my right big toe that makes it painful to walk. But it’s starting to clear up and I should be able to got out hiking possibly next week. Just in time for mushroom season.

Speaking of which, the weather here is actually pretty nice. There was a hot stretch for a couple of weeks in May (80s to 90s) but since then it’s been mostly in the 70s, getting quite cool at night (jeans and sweatshirt cool). But there is a lot of rain. Almost every day, in fact. But not that all day long rain. More like South Florida rain- really heavy rain for an hour or two in the afternoon. I actually kind of like it. Don’t really care for hot weather.






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